The transportation of perishable goods is a challenging and difficult process, fraught with complications that could result in easily spoiled products reaching their destination in less than optimal condition.

Our customers in the pharmaceutical industry rely on robust solutions that ensure the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive products across their global supply chains. Quite often, these products are of high-value with sophisticated formulations, and are therefore highly sensitive.

Delivering cures with special care

From active ingredients for pharmaceutical production and innovative medicine in a clinical trial phase to life-saving drugs and diagnostic products, our range of Cielohill SkyPharma solutions ensures all your products reach healthcare professionals and patients in perfect time and condition.

With a jointly planned transportation set up, supported by innovative elements such as our pioneering White Cover Advanced, the use of Cool Dollies at our Dubai hub and state-of-the-art handling facilities, we have the means to overcome challenging environmental conditions.

Benefit from the most innovative solutions offering various levels of protection and monitoring of your goods during air transportation, whilst complying with strict quality assurance standards and ever tightening government regulations.

For more information on how Cielohill SkyPharma Standard, Cielohill SkyPharma Advanced or Cielohill SkyPharma Premium can help you to deliver your pharmaceutical products with the utmost care, contact your local Cielohill SkyCargo office or agent.

You deserve the best, all the way!