Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods -transporting dangerous goods has never been safer

Imagine, you need to transfer live specimens to a diagnostic and testing facility in the shortest possible time, or you have to send blood samples to a specialist laboratory to save a loved one


  • State-of-the-art freighters for controlled movement of dangerous goods
  • Your goods delivered when and where required
  • Specialised teams to address your immediate needs
  • Access to the vast capacity of Emirates fleet


  • Flexible and dynamic solutions
  • Readily available charters can be arranged on short notice
  • Flown as booked
  • 24/7 security & surveillance
  • Dedicated handling facilities
  • All class of dangerous goods accepted
  • Strict adherence to IATA and ICAO regulations
  • Specialised in the transportation of classes 6 and 7 medical shipment

You deserve the best, all the way!